Thank you for visiting my website. I’m Senna and I’m a keto vegetarian. I started this blog because I couldn’t find a lot of tasty vegetarian keto recipes online. Most keto friendly recipes are meat and sea food based, as those are low in carbohydrates. I however don’t like to eat meat or seafood but I still want the benefits of a low carb/keto diet.

So on this blog you will find a great collection of my favourite vegetarian and vegan keto recipes.

Senna Kaur

Senna Kaur


Why Keto works for me

The keto diet has amazing health benefits. 

You don’t just lose weight, keto has helped my husband and I to control chronic illness. 

My husband went keto after he was diagnosed with type two diabetes. Till date strict keto seems to be the only way to keep his blood sugar levels down. He tried the NHS recommended diet and prescribed medication, but his blood glucose levels stayed high. Once he removed all carbs from his diet they finally dropped and that was enough proof for us to change our lifestyle. I then started following the keto diet too, to make meal time easier and to support my husband. 

Once I got through the horrible keto flu I noticed an improvement in the terrible migraines I use to get. Five to six month into keto I could stop taking preventive migraine medication and the migraine attacks had reduced by more than half. I’m finally able to live my life without having to fear that I might get a migraine. Over the last few years of eating keto, the migraines have become less frequent, less painful and more manageable and most importantly they no longer control my life.

So for whatever reason you want to start a vegetarian keto diet, I hope you will reach your goals and improve your health too, while enjoying delicious keto recipes. 

Best wishes,


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