Yes, it is absolutely possible to live a vegetarian keto lifestyle. A little research, preparation, and determination is all that’s needed. As the ketogenic diet is thriving and more options are available, it is getting a little easier to find vegetarian keto-friendly options out there. We can meal pre, eat out, enjoy tasty snacks just as we would on any other diet. All we need is to focus on is to avoid eating too many carbs. There are so many vegetarian and keto-friendly whole foods available to create the most delicious and satisfying meals, that you won’t have any problems turning the keto diet into your lifestyle. I am collecting all my favorite vegetarian recipes here on the blog to help you keep it keto and meat-free.


Keto-friendly foods are low in carbs such as eggs, butter, cream, nut or seed milk, oils, cheese, nuts, olives, seeds, tofu and other soy products, seaweed, konjac, thempe, seitan, wheat protein, fiber from oats, potato or physillum husk, most green or white vegetables, some berries, stevia-sweetened chocolate or 90%-100% dark chocolate and few full-fat dairy products like Greek yogurt. To sweeten your meals you can use stevia, monk fruit, or sugar alcohol such as erythritol or xylitol.

A ketogenic meal will be based on good fats such as butter, oil, fatty nuts, seeds, and fruits like avocado. Then a large amount of low carb vegetables combined with a source of protein like eggs, tofu, theme, seitan, or cheese. The protein intake will be kept at a moderate level as excess amounts of protein can be turned into glucose by our bodies.

A large amount of good fats and low carb vegetables form a nutrient-dense and wholesome diet, high amount of fat and vegetables will keep us full and satisfied for a long period of time, while also providing us with essential nutrients for excellent health.

All sugary and starchy foods will be avoided, that includes bread, cake, muffins, and other baked goods, pasta, rice, potato, sugar, most fruits, some higher-carb vegetables, corn, and sweets. This will result in eating less processed foods which have been linked to all sort of diseases.

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